Warm, a collaborative performance with Luciana Fortes.

Warm is loud, warm is gestural, warm is restless, warm is hedonist, warm is sensual, warm is generous, warm is playful, warm is chaotic, warm is colourful. Luciana, a Brazilian dancer and performer meets Ghinwa, a Lebanese video installation artist, performer and storyteller, and they decide to give Vancouver a gift, a warm gift. The work is an investigation into the act of giving to a place or audience, which, as a first step, demands finding and opening up to the act of giving in oneself. The two artists attempt to find in the contradictions and binary oppositions between “this” culture and “that” culture, a space for new grounds, connections and relationships, where difference is productive. The work moves from reflections and observations about the city, to a gesture of place-making where generosity, humour, playfulness and a touch of criticality are essential to finding one’s place in what otherwise feels “othering”. The work is interdisciplinary in nature using text, movement and video and will be based on devising and improvisation explorations between the two artists. Luciana and Ghinwa will build upon their respective researches in clowning and autobiographical art to inform the development of the piece.


Concept, Co-Direction, Editing, Acting

Photo Credits: Cara Tench