Building took place in 1939 Röntgen designed Post Office in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Home, Suspended, a mixed media installation (video, found objects, painting) inspired by the unsettling experience of traveling and displacement transformed into a feeling of suspension. The leftovers of an identity that is constantly morphing every time it faces change. The walls are inclined. They give a feeling of unbalance, as if the whole room fell to one side. The space is dark. Ropes are hanging from the ceiling. They carry a bed, a chair, a closet, a nightstand, a lamp, an easel, a monitor, and a suitcase that are floating in the room. The room is completely dark except for some light coming from the drawer, behind the closet's door, and under the bed. The hanging bed invites you to lie under it and watch a transformation. An old black and white photograph of a woman surrounded by three little girls. The children fade away giving place to an elephant, a basil plant, and a coffee pot. The same objects are in the room. Past merges with present under the bed and in the closet. In there, lurks the image of two young women engaging in a fortune telling ritual. It's a curious room with fragments of stories and symbols. It's negotiation between the 'here', 'there', and the 'in-between', not only as space locations, but also as generational, societal and religious positions.

Home, Suspended features 3 short films:

Coffee Cup Coffee Pot, Yoga Mat Prayer Rug, and Family Photo.


Concept, Direction, Screenwriting, Editing, Animation, Acting, Building, Production


Chaza Halwani (Camera and Light)
Ralph Lindsen (Camera and Light)
Rob Van Dam (Camera and Light)
Ali Wehbe (Camera and Light)
Lennart van Kralingen (Color Correction)
Roeland Sint (Sound Design)
Sjaak Douma (Music Composition)

Photography Credits: Angie Hernández