Contrary to what it seems this short film uses no digital effects whatsoever. The multiple layer effect was created using a projector while the video feedback effect was created using an old TV monitor. The film was originally conceived for the Ives Ensemble, during their live concert at the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam on December 2011, for a music composition based on "Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Nee, Nee, Nee, Nee, Nee", a performance by Joseph Beuys. This ironic mantra for surrender, "Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Nee, Nee, Nee, Nee", that Fluxus performer Beuys repeated for nearly an hour, inspired creating a visual state of helplessness where a character's agony is a result of him being trapped in his own mind, endlessly facing his own reflection. 


Concept, Screenwriting, Storyboard, Direction


Rob Van Dam (Camera and Light)
Elwin Beekman (Production)
Max Sombroek (Sound Design)