Stone on Hand from  Body of Objects

Stone on Hand from Body of Objects

Artist Statement

A very long time ago, I had a vivid and intriguing dream that I can still remember very clearly. It was about this group of human beings who were locked in a futuristic glass cell. It seemed that they were abducted by extraterrestrials for some kind of research experiment. Men and women were separated by a glass panel and held naked in a dark blue reflective limbo. A few hours passed and the extraterrestrials started noticing an erratic behaviour among some of the men. They did their research to find out the cause and understood that those men were getting hungry and that human beings could be fed chicken. So they threw a live hen in the cell through a ceiling vault or tunnel. I will spare you from the rest of the events but for a long time I thought I had watched a film with the previous details. I searched so much for that movie and when I lost hope that it existed I realized that it might indeed have been a dream. And the reason why I’m telling you about this dream is to try to make you imagine why and how I do art. See if I was to say whom I was in that dream I would definitely say I was the extraterrestrial. The one who can only look at human beings from an outsider point of view and can’t fail to get amazed by human behaviour and all the links and relationships that an outsider experiment will reveal. But I do know that I will always remember to ask how do human beings eat their chicken, among other questions. And also, if you are familiar with Sesame Street or a book called Night Night Elmo, or many children books for that matter, the book lays out the routines of the day while in-between them repeatedly asking the question “what’s next Elmo?” For example, “It’s time to put on pyjamas”, and then “what’s next Elmo?” “It’s time for a bed time story.” etc. See I am also one who will see human actions in that way. So we had the civil war. What’s next Elmo? Oh we ended the war and we’re invaded by Israel. What’s next Elmo? Oh we immigrated to find a job. What’s next Elmo? Oh we’re still haunted by our war traumas and patriarchal upbringing? What’s next Elmo? It’s time to learn resilience. And safety? Well that’s another story, I’ll save it for later.

But what I’m really trying to say is that the art that interests me is art that is beyond binary oppositions, prejudice, and order. It’s the art that questions the contemporary ambiguous boundaries between tolerance and prejudice of any form. I believe in the artist as an adopter of a neutral position between ethnicity and non-ethnicity whom, by detaching from life, can think of new combinations and propose alternative constructions of reality. The content of my work and the media I use are in constant transformation. The medium follows the content and is determined at a later stage in the work process. It often includes a combination of video, performance, writing, drawing and space design.